We are committed to supporting the arts in Lions Bay.  At the end of 2012, we were an official Arts Council and are now eligible for funding through the BC Arts Council, the major provincially funded organization to support the Arts in BC.

The Lions Bay Arts Council‘s purpose is defined in its Constitution as:

  • To represent and coordinate the work and programs of cultural groups in Lions Bay and to maintain an active sharing of information and support for other communities, groups and programs.
  • To encourage the development of cultural projects and activities
  • To help enlist public interest and promote public understanding.
  • To foster and promote an awareness of the cultural needs of the Lions Bay community with the appropriate authorities.
  • To stimulate interest, participation and cultivation of the arts and artists of Lions Bay.
  • To raise funds to support activities related to the arts.
  • To gather and preserve objects of art and cultural value associated with the area of Lions Bay.

What is our focus for 2016?

For 2016, we are particularly focused on the following objectives:

  • Increase our community membership – We currently have 226 community members.  We continue to encourage new residents of Lions Bay to join. Click below for our membership form.
  • Develop a program for integrating with existing arts groups and events.
  • Look at developing regular children’s art programs.
  • Develop our membership in Sea to Sky Arts Councils to support our artists and inform our Lions Bay community.
  • We are committed to two major events for 2016.   – ArtScene 2016 on June 19th and our Annual Christmas Fair, Nov 20th to be held in Broughton Hall.

Join our Lions Bay Arts Community!

Click here for our Membership Form