Lucy Traini

Lucy was born in Sicily in 1947.  She moved to Vancouver when she was 19 and has made her home there for the past 45 years. She has been a Lions Bay resident for the past 15 years and the tranquility and natural beauty of Lions Bay became an inspiration for her art.   While raising  a young family, managing a home, garden and two businesses left her little time for the arts somehow she always managed to find a spot here and there to be creative.   She would crochet, knit, embroider, macramé, sew and paint,  sometimes waking  up early in the morning to finish a project.  She has worked with charcoals, chalks, oil paints, water colors and acrylics.  She was introduced to clay about 15 years ago.  It became her passion.  She says,  “It amazes me each time I take a piece of clay and transform it into an object of beauty.  I love the feel of clay, it’s like creation.”.  Lucy continues to participate in the Raku pottery classes at the Gleneagles Community Centre in West Vancouver.  Contact Lucy at: